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About the European Kyudo Federation (EKF)

The European Kyudo Federation (EKF) was established in 1980 and now has 23 member countries within its affiliation. An annual European seminar and examinations are held under the auspice of the International Kyudo Federation (IKYF) with the All Nippon Kyudo Federation (ANKF) responsible for the teaching and examinations.

Through the European Kyudo Federation and tutelage of the All Nippon Kyudo Federation, the member nations of the European Kyudo Federation are the governing bodies for All Nippon Kyudo Federation style, which is the established style for kyudo worldwide.

Grade and titled ranks are awarded by practical examination and a written test. In Europe, it is possible to take examination from 1st Dan (Shodan) to 5th Dan, and occasionally 6th dan and the instructor rank of Renshi. More senior grade and rank examinations are only available in Japan.

Official documents
EKF-Constitution (Vers. 2019) (PDF/100KB)